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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Orders and Deliveries

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Boeing 787 Launch Customers

Being the first airline to take delivery of a brand-new aircraft design is always a calculated risk. The aircraft builder will generally negotiate an attractive deal with a launch airline as it is accepted that there will be teething problems, delays in delivery, etc. Boeing 787 Dreamliner orders and deliveries started the very same way with their launch customer ANA (All Nippon Airways).

The rewards, however, can be great.  The aircraft maker, in this case, Boeing, and the airline, in this case, ANA Airlines of Japan, worked very closely together and many of ANAs’ requirements ended up being included in the finished Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.  There were, of course, many delays as whole new technologies were applied.  The reward was to be able to boast that ANA was flying the newest most technologically advanced aircraft in the world.   This was a flying billboard for ANA and airlines that came next, saying we are investing in the future.  We are flying cutting-edge technology.  It suddenly made other aircraft fleets start to look tired.

Who were the first 8 Boeing 787 Customers?

Here are those first cutting-edge airlines taking possession of their new baby.

The first Boeing 787-8 was handed over to ANA (All Nippon Airways) on 26 September 2011.
Inaugural service 26 October 2011 from Haneda (Tokyo) to Hong Kong.
Japan Airlines took delivery of two Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners on 26 March 2012.
The airline started the first Tokyo to Boston service on 22 April 2012.
Ethiopian Airlines took delivery of their first Boeing 787-8 jet on 14 August 2012. The first passenger-carrying flight took dignitaries and guests on a flight around Mount Kilimanjaro on the Kenya Tanzanian border.
LAN took delivery of their first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner on 31 August 2012.
The aircraft was initially used on routes between, Buenos Aires, Lima, Los Angeles, Madrid and Frankfurt.
After a dispute over delays, Air India finally took delivery of their first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner on 07 September 2012. Initial routes included Delhi, Kolkata, Dubai, Mumbai and Bangalore.
United Airlines became the first U.S. carrier to receive the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner taking delivery on 22 Sep 2012.  The inaugural service for the 787 was from Houston to Chicago on 04 Nov 2012 at 07:25 am.
Air New Zealand, the launch customer for the Boeing 787 9 took delivery of their first aircraft on 09 Jul 2014.
The startling black liveried aircraft went into service on the Auckland to Perth run in September 2014.
Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the Boeing 787-10 which they took delivery of on 26 March 2018. All proposed Boeing 787 variants are now in service.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner orders and deliveries for all variants to September 2022.

Use the filters to isolate the data you want to see. For years, enter in the format of -20 for 2020. For 787 variants enter 787-8, 787-9 or 787-10.
Customer NameCountryEngineModel SeriesOrder DateOrder TotalDelivery TotalOutstanding
Aeroflot - Russian AirlinesRussian FederationNS787-8Sep-0718018
Aeroflot - Russian AirlinesRussian FederationNS787-9Sep-07404
Air AstanaKazakhstanRR787-8Feb-12303
Air AustralReunionRR787-8Feb-15220
Air BerlinGermanyGE787-8Jul-0715015
Air BerlinGermanyNS787-8Jul-0710010
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-9Apr-07770
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-9Apr-07990
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-9Apr-07550
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-9Apr-07220
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-8Nov-05660
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-8Nov-05220
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-9Nov-05440
Air CanadaCanadaGE787-9Nov-05220
Air ChinaChinaRR787-9Aug-05101
Air ChinaChinaRR787-9Aug-05770
Air ChinaChinaRR787-9Aug-05660
Air ChinaChinaRR787-9Aug-05110
Air EuropaSpainRR787-8Mar-07550
Air EuropaSpainRR787-8Mar-07330
Air EuropaSpainRR787-9Dec-1412012
Air EuropaSpainRR787-9Dec-14220
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-10Dec-11808
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-9Dec-11110
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-9Dec-11220
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-9Dec-11550
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-9Dec-11220
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-10Dec-11440
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-9Dec-11110
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-10Dec-11110
Air France-KLM GroupNetherlandsGE787-10Dec-11110
Air IndiaIndiaGE787-8Dec-05550
Air IndiaIndiaGE787-8Dec-05660
Air IndiaIndiaGE787-8Dec-05770
Air IndiaIndiaGE787-8Dec-05330
Air IndiaIndiaGE787-8Dec-05110
Air IndiaIndiaGE787-8Dec-05550
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Jan-16110
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Feb-20303
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Jun-19101
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Jul-17110
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Jul-17110
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Aug-18202
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Aug-18110
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Sep-13101
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-10Sep-1315015
Air Lease CorporationUSANS787-10Sep-13404
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Sep-13330
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Sep-13330
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-10Sep-13440
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-10Sep-13220
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Sep-13110
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Oct-19101
Air Lease CorporationUSANS787-9Oct-19303
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Oct-19101
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Dec-07110
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Dec-11110
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Dec-07550
Air Lease CorporationUSARR787-9Dec-07220
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Dec-11330
Air Lease CorporationUSAGE787-9Dec-16110
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Feb-07110
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Feb-07110
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Feb-07220
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Mar-12110
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Mar-12110
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Aug-04220
Air New ZealandNew ZealandGE787-9Sep-19202
Air New ZealandNew ZealandGE787-10Sep-19606
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Oct-05220
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Dec-14110
Air New ZealandNew ZealandRR787-9Dec-14110
Air NiuginiPapua New GuineaRR787-8Dec-07101
Air Tahiti NuiFrench PolynesiaGE787-9Apr-15220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanGE787-9Mar-20101
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanGE787-10Mar-2011011
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-10Mar-15101
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-10Mar-15220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8May-09220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8May-09110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9May-09110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9May-09110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14606
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8Jul-04330
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8Jul-0412120
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8Jul-04660
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8Jul-04880
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-04220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8Jul-04330
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-04770
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-8Jul-04110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-04440
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-04330
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-04110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Jul-14110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Sep-12101
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Sep-12770
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Sep-12220
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanRR787-9Sep-12110
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.JapanGE787-9Sep-18110
American AirlinesUSAGE787-8Feb-1313130
American AirlinesUSAGE787-8Feb-13440
American AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-13440
American AirlinesUSAGE787-8Feb-13330
American AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-1310100
American AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-13660
American AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-13220
American AirlinesUSAGE787-9Apr-1825025
American AirlinesUSAGE787-8Apr-18330
American AirlinesUSAGE787-8Apr-18110
American AirlinesUSAGE787-8Apr-18330
Arik AirNigeriaNS787-9Jan-17202
Arik AirNigeriaNS787-9Mar-07303
Arik AirNigeriaNS787-9Sep-07404
Atlantis Aviation CorporationJapanGE787-9Sep-18220
Aviation Capital GroupUSARR787-9Mar-07440
Aviation Capital GroupUSARR787-9Mar-07110
Avolon - IrelandIrelandGE787-9Sep-14202
Avolon - IrelandIrelandRR787-9Sep-14101
Avolon - IrelandIrelandRR787-9Sep-14110
Avolon - IrelandIrelandRR787-9Sep-14110
Azerbaijan AirlinesAzerbaijanGE787-8Feb-07101
Azerbaijan AirlinesAzerbaijanGE787-8Feb-07220
Bamboo AirwaysVietnamNS787-9Jan-1910010
Bank of Communications LeasingChinaGE787-9Apr-17220
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesBangladeshGE787-8Apr-08220
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesBangladeshGE787-8Apr-08220
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesBangladeshGE787-9Oct-19220
BOC Aviation LimitedSingaporeRR787-9Mar-18110
BOC Aviation LimitedSingaporeRR787-9Mar-18550
BOC Aviation LimitedSingaporeRR787-9May-18303
BOC Aviation LimitedSingaporeRR787-9Jun-17440
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-9Mar-19101
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-8Apr-1810010
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-9Apr-18505
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-9Aug-18303
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-9Sep-18101
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-9Oct-18101
Boeing Capital CorporationUSAGE787-9Dec-18101
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-10Dec-13909
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-8Dec-07440
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-8Dec-07440
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Dec-07550
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Dec-0711110
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-8Dec-13110
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-8Dec-13330
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Dec-13220
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-10Dec-13220
British AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-10Dec-13110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USARR787-8Jan-14110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-8Apr-15110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-9May-07101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-8Jun-07101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-8Jun-15110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-9Jul-06101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USANS787-8Jul-07101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-9Jul-06110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USANS787-8Aug-06101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-9Aug-19220
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-9Sep-06110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-8Nov-07101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USAGE787-8Nov-12110
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USANS787-8Dec-07101
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)USARR787-8Dec-08220
CALC Aircraft Assets LimitedMalaysiaGE787-9Nov-19110
CALC Aircraft Assets LimitedMalaysiaGE787-9Nov-19110
CDB AviationHong KongNS787-9Nov-17808
China AirlinesTaiwanNS787-9Sep-2216016
China Eastern AirlinesChinaGE787-9Apr-16440
China Eastern AirlinesChinaGE787-9Apr-16660
China Eastern AirlinesChinaGE787-8Nov-0515015
China Southern AirlinesChinaGE787-9Oct-16550
China Southern AirlinesChinaGE787-9Oct-16440
China Southern AirlinesChinaGE787-8Dec-05880
China Southern AirlinesChinaGE787-8Dec-05220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSARR787-9Jul-14202
CIT Aerospace LLCUSAGE787-9Jul-07110
CIT Aerospace LLCUSARR787-9Jul-07110
CIT Aerospace LLCUSAGE787-9Jul-07110
CIT Aerospace LLCUSARR787-9Jul-07220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSARR787-9Jul-14220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSAGE787-9Jul-14220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSARR787-9Jul-14220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSAGE787-8Sep-06220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSAGE787-8Sep-06220
CIT Aerospace LLCUSAGE787-9Sep-06110
DAE Aerospace EnterpriseIrelandRR787-8Jul-06202
DAE Aerospace EnterpriseIrelandRR787-8Dec-04404
Delta Air LinesUSARR787-8May-0518018
Dubai Aerospace EnterpriseUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-8Dec-0715015
ECAirCongo, Republic of theRR787-8Jan-08101
EL AL Israel AirlinesIsraelRR787-8May-18110
EL AL Israel AirlinesIsraelRR787-8Jun-17220
EL AL Israel AirlinesIsraelRR787-9Jun-17110
EL AL Israel AirlinesIsraelRR787-9Oct-15330
EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-9Nov-1930030
Ethiopian Airlines GroupEthiopiaRR787-8Apr-15330
Ethiopian Airlines GroupEthiopiaRR787-8Apr-15330
Ethiopian Airlines GroupEthiopiaGE787-8Jun-05440
Ethiopian Airlines GroupEthiopiaGE787-8Jun-05110
Ethiopian Airlines GroupEthiopiaGE787-8Jun-05550
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08404
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-9Mar-08404
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08110
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08440
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08550
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08990
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08330
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Mar-08550
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-10Nov-1321021
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-10Nov-13440
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-10Nov-13330
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-10Nov-13220
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Dec-11707
Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesGE787-9Dec-11330
EVA AirTaiwanGE787-9Nov-15404
EVA AirTaiwanGE787-10Nov-1510010
EVA AirTaiwanGE787-10Nov-15330
EVA AirTaiwanGE787-10Nov-15110
Fiji AirwaysFijiGE787-9Apr-06505
Fiji AirwaysFijiGE787-9Dec-07303
Gulf AirBahrainNS787-8Jan-08808
Gulf AirBahrainRR787-9Jan-08101
Gulf AirBahrainRR787-9Jan-08550
Gulf AirBahrainRR787-9Jan-08220
Gulf AirBahrainRR787-9Apr-09808
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-8Jan-07110
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-8Jan-07110
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-9Mar-15660
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-9Mar-15770
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-9Mar-15880
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-9Mar-15330
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-8Nov-05660
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-8Nov-05110
Hainan Airlines HoldingChinaGE787-8Nov-05110
Hawaiian AirlinesUSAGE787-9Jul-18505
Hawaiian AirlinesUSANS787-9Jul-18505
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-8Jan-07110
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-9Jan-07110
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-8Jun-07220
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-9Jun-07220
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-8Jun-07220
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-9Jun-07880
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-9Jun-07110
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-9Jun-07660
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-9Jun-0710100
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-9Jun-07440
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-9Jun-07880
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-9Jun-07110
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-9Jun-07660
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-8Jul-06110
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-8Jul-06110
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-8Oct-05440
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-8Oct-05220
International Lease Finance CoUSAGE787-8Oct-05440
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-8Oct-05660
International Lease Finance CoUSARR787-9Oct-05440
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Jan-12110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Jan-12110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Jan-12220
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Jan-12220
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Jan-12220
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Jan-12220
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8Mar-07110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8Mar-07110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Mar-07220
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Mar-07110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8Mar-17330
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8Mar-17110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8May-05770
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8May-05660
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8May-05440
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8May-05440
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9May-05110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-8May-05220
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9May-05110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9May-05330
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9May-05110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9May-05110
Japan AirlinesJapanGE787-9Sep-18220
Jet AirwaysIndiaGE787-9Dec-0610010
Juneyao Air Co., LTD.ChinaGE787-9Feb-17330
Juneyao Air Co., LTD.ChinaGE787-9Feb-17220
Juneyao Air Co., LTD.ChinaGE787-9Nov-17110
Kenya AirwaysKenyaGE787-8Mar-06660
Kenya AirwaysKenyaGE787-8Dec-06330
Korean AirSouth KoreaGE787-9May-05550
Korean AirSouth KoreaGE787-9May-05440
Korean AirSouth KoreaGE787-9May-05110
Korean AirSouth KoreaGE787-9Jul-1910010
Korean AirSouth KoreaGE787-10Jul-1910010
Korean AirSouth KoreaGE787-8Oct-13110
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-9Oct-07606
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-8Oct-07330
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-8Oct-07220
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-8Oct-07550
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-9Oct-07330
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-9Oct-07440
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-9Oct-07110
LATAM Airlines GroupChileRR787-9Oct-07220
LCALUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-9Mar-06101
LCALUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-8May-05101
LCALUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-8Jul-07505
LCALUnited Arab EmiratesRR787-8Jul-07101
LCALUnited Arab EmiratesNS787-9Dec-05808
LOT Polish AirlinesPolandRR787-8Feb-07110
LOT Polish AirlinesPolandRR787-8Sep-05110
LOT Polish AirlinesPolandRR787-8Sep-05330
LOT Polish AirlinesPolandRR787-8Sep-05110
LOT Polish AirlinesPolandRR787-8Sep-05220
MG Aviation LimitedIsraelRR787-9Jul-14220
MG Aviation LimitedIsraelRR787-9Dec-06220
Monarch AirlinesUnited KingdomRR787-8Aug-06606
NAS Aviation Services LLCUSAGE787-9Sep-13303
NAS Aviation Services LLCUSANS787-9Sep-13101
NAS Aviation Services LLCUSAGE787-9Sep-13220
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayRR787-8Feb-05110
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayRR787-8Feb-05110
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayRR787-8Mar-06110
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayNS787-9Oct-15606
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayRR787-9Oct-15505
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayRR787-9Oct-15440
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwayRR787-9Oct-15440
Okay Airways Company LimitedChinaNS787-9Sep-17505
Oman Air (SAOC)OmanGE787-9Feb-20404
Oman Air (SAOC)OmanGE787-9Nov-11404
Oman Air (SAOC)OmanGE787-8Nov-11220
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-8Mar-0616016
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9Mar-0615015
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-8Mar-06330
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-8Mar-06440
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-8Mar-06440
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9Mar-06330
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9May-18303
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9May-18330
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9Oct-15220
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9Oct-15330
Qantas AirwaysAustraliaGE787-9Nov-0720020
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-8Apr-07550
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-8Apr-07440
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-8Apr-07990
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-8Apr-07770
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-8Apr-07550
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-9Oct-1623023
Qatar AirwaysQatarGE787-9Oct-16770
Republic of IraqIraqGE787-8Dec-09909
Republic of IraqIraqGE787-9Dec-09101
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-8Jul-13110
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-8Nov-05110
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-8Nov-05110
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-8Nov-05220
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-9Dec-16110
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-9Dec-16110
Royal Air MarocMoroccoGE787-9Dec-17220
Royal Brunei AirlinesBrunei DarussalamRR787-8May-05220
Royal Brunei AirlinesBrunei DarussalamRR787-8May-05220
Royal Brunei AirlinesBrunei DarussalamRR787-8May-05110
Royal JordanianJordanNS787-8Mar-07101
Royal JordanianJordanGE787-8Mar-07110
Royal JordanianJordanGE787-8Jun-10303
Royal JordanianJordanGE787-8Nov-07110
Royal JordanianJordanGE787-8Nov-07110
Ruili AirlinesChinaNS787-9Jul-16606
S7 GroupRussian FederationNS787-8May-0715015
Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi ArabiaGE787-9Nov-10440
Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi ArabiaGE787-9Nov-10440
Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi ArabiaGE787-10Dec-08330
Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi ArabiaGE787-10Dec-08220
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-8Jun-13303
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-9Jun-17404
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-8Oct-06440
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-9Oct-06660
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-8Oct-06220
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-8Oct-06440
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-9Oct-06220
Scoot PTE LTDSingaporeRR787-9Oct-06220
Shanghai AirlinesChinaGE787-8Aug-05909
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeRR787-10Jun-1312012
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeRR787-10Jun-1715015
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeRR787-10Jun-13880
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeRR787-10Jun-13770
Sky Peace LimitedChinaNS787-8May-07101
Smartwings, a.s.Czech RepublicNS787-8Mar-07101
TanzaniaTanzania, United Republic ofRR787-8May-18110
TanzaniaTanzania, United Republic ofGE787-8Jul-21101
TanzaniaTanzania, United Republic ofRR787-8Dec-16110
Transaero AirlinesRussian FederationRR787-8Apr-12404
Transportation Partners Pte LtSingaporeRR787-8Jun-12505
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Feb-05202
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Feb-07202
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Feb-05440
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Feb-07220
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-9May-15110
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-9Jun-16110
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomNS787-8Sep-06606
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Sep-06110
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Sep-06440
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-8Sep-06220
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-9Oct-13110
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-9Oct-13110
TUI Travel PLCUnited KingdomGE787-9Nov-16220
Turkish AirlinesTurkeyGE787-9Mar-1810010
Turkish AirlinesTurkeyGE787-9Mar-18660
Turkish AirlinesTurkeyGE787-9Mar-18880
Turkish AirlinesTurkeyGE787-9Mar-18110
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Jan-19505
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-10Jan-19303
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedNS787-8Jan-0823023
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Feb-20303
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-10Feb-20606
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedRR787-10Feb-21404
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Mar-15606
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedRR787-8Mar-18101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedRR787-10Mar-06101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Apr-16505
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-8Jul-19101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Jul-14202
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Jul-21404
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedNS787-8Jul-06202
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Aug-18202
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Aug-21707
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Sep-1416016
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Oct-16303
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedNS787-9Oct-16505
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Nov-17404
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Nov-19101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-8Dec-17505
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-8Dec-19101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Dec-19101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-10Dec-08303
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedNS787-8Dec-10101
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Dec-08330
Unidentified Customer(s)UnidentifiedGE787-9Dec-08220
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-10707
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Feb-10505
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-10110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Feb-10330
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Feb-10330
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Feb-10550
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Feb-10110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Feb-20110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Mar-07220
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Mar-07330
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9May-18440
United AirlinesUSANS787-10Jun-13202
United AirlinesUSAGE787-8Jun-05550
United AirlinesUSAGE787-8Jun-06110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-8Jun-06330
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Jun-06220
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Jun-06770
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Jun-13220
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Jun-13110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Jun-13110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Jun-13330
United AirlinesUSAGE787-10Jun-13110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Sep-18660
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Sep-18330
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Nov-12303
United AirlinesUSAGE787-8Nov-12110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Nov-12110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-8Dec-05110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-8Dec-05110
United AirlinesUSAGE787-9Dec-15220
Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistanGE787-8Apr-18110
Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistanGE787-8Jun-07220
Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistanGE787-8Dec-16110
Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistanGE787-8Dec-16220
Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistanGE787-8Dec-16110
Vietnam AirlinesVietnamGE787-9Nov-05440
Vietnam AirlinesVietnamGE787-9Dec-07330
Vietnam AirlinesVietnamGE787-9Dec-07110
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Mar-07110
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Mar-07770
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Mar-07330
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Mar-07110
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Mar-07330
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Nov-14110
Virgin Atlantic AirwaysUnited KingdomRR787-9Dec-09110
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-9Jun-15110
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-9Jun-15220
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-9Jun-15110
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-8Aug-13220
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-8Aug-13440
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-9Sep-15110
Xiamen AirlinesChinaGE787-9Sep-15110
Xiamen AirlinesChinaNS787-8Dec-05303

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13 thoughts on “Boeing 787 Dreamliner Orders and Deliveries”

  1. Boeing spent millions and billions of dollars producing the 787. This airliner is not much different compared to their 777. Did Boeing make a mistake introducing a design which is very similar to their 777?

    1. Hi John,
      thank you for stopping by.

      At first glance it seems that there could be a some cross over between the Boeing 787 and the Boeing 777. They are, however, quite a different class of airliner. Where the 787 can be seen as a replacement of the once popular Boeing 767 in the lower end of the twin aisle market, the Boeing 777 is now the replacement for the Boeing 747. As we enter the age of the giant twins, the 777 is at the upper end of that class. To confuse the matter further, Boeing is investigating a 797 which would sit between the 737 and the 787.

      Different tools for different jobs.

      Cheers Peter

    2. John, The 787 is massively different to the 777.
      The 787 uses a wing made mostly of composite.. The fuselage is also made mostly of composite. The fuselage is also molded together using single piece barrel sections (as opposed to making a skeleton frame and then riveting a skin to it). Numerous systems that are typically operated by hydraulics are instead electrically operated in the 787. The engines are bleedless.
      Those features have never been seen before on a jet airliner. Doing just one of features those would be big step forward in what is an extremely conservative industry, yet the 787 made several steps forward in one go.
      It may seem like those changes were small but you need to understand engineering and the industry to realise how big a deal the 787 is. There has been no leap forward like this in jet airliner technology for the last 50 years. There will probably not be another jet that makes a this much of a step forward for another 30 or maybe even 50 years.

  2. Pisquali-

    Thanks for the information. Now I am waiting to see the final design of the MOM airliner. I believe that it will be somewhat similar to the 767 with twin aisle and 2-3-2 seating. It will be a winner.

    1. Hi Michael,
      we have looked and are unable to locate such a table. The South Carolina factory is responsible for the aft fuselage sections 47 and 48 of the 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10. Those of the 787-8 and 787-9 are flown by cargo plane to the Everett factory for assembly there, whilst those of the 787-10 are assembled in the South Carolina factory. They are simply too big to be transported. There has been some media coverage about possible sub-standard production at South Carolina and Qatar Airways has refused to take any products originating in that facility. We wait with interest to see what the truth is. Boeing needs to get this right as they are having enough headaches already.
      Cheers Peter

  3. Hey there, is there anything really interesting about controlling the complex systems on the Boeing 747?

    1. Hi Jack,
      maybe we won’t say that out loud next time we fly, right?

      Three environmental impacts?
      1. The early 747 engines weren’t as efficient as today, so certainly pollution was a factor.
      2. Staying with the above engines, noise was certainly a factor that affected those living near airports.
      3. A positive was that by carrying more passengers fewer aircraft were needed to complete that same task. So in effect, there were fewer flights creating noise and pollution.

      Does that help?
      Cheers Peter

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