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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner is a mid size, twin engine, wide body jet developed by the Boeing company.

The decision to develop such a plane was brought about by the need for a replacement for the Boeing 767 which was experiencing falling sales, due to stiff competition from the Airbus A330-200.

Boeing 787 New Technology

Boeing states that the Boeing 787 is a much more fuel efficient aircraft, due to technological advances in aerodynamics, more efficient engines, and reduction in weight. The reduction in weight is attributed to the use of composite materials for most of it’s construction, as well as more advanced systems such as electric pumps used in place of hydraulics. The Dreamliner comes in at 30,000 to 40,000 lbs lighter than Airbus A330 200.

Boeing Dreamliner test flight one on 17 September 2013.

The initial design of Boeing 787 8 featured a very rakish nose and cockpit windows and a very dolphin like vertical stabiliser (tail). The final design has settled on a more conventional vertical stabiliser as well as reduced rakishness to the nose.

Not only is the Boeing 787 a very technologically advanced aircraft, but the way in which it is constructed is also quite new for Boeing. The actual components are constructed in locations all over the globe, and brought together at Boeings Everett plant. The target is to be able assemble the completed aircraft in Everett in three days. See the assembly page for more details.

Boeing 787 Rollout

When the Boeing 787 program was first launched, the aircraft was known as the Boeing 7E7, and depending on the audience, Boeing would say it stood for ‘environmentally friendly’, ’efficient’, but in the end they said it simply stood for Eight. See the history page for more details.

The aircraft launch has suffered many delays, however, there was an official roll out of the prototype in Everett on the 8th of July 2007, which in American date format of course is written, 7/8/7.

The maiden flight of prototype aircraft finally took place on 15 December 2009.

Boeing 787 8 maiden flight

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