Boeing 777 Orders and Deliveries.

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It is now nearly 25 years since United took their first delivery of a Boeing 777 on 15 May 1995. Since then the aircraft has become the mainstay and flagship of many airlines around the world with over 2,000 aircraft in service.

Boeing 777 Order and Delivery Table

Below is a table showing the state of the order book for the Boeing 777, correct as at the end of June 2020.

Model Series Orders Deliveries Unfilled
Boeing 777 200 88 88
Boeing 777 200ER 422 422
Boeing 777 200LR 61 60 1
Boeing 777 300 60 60
Boeing 777 300ER 838 820 18
Boeing 777F 231 187 44
Boeing 777X 309 309
Boeing 777 Total 2,009 1,637 372

February 2019: This month the 777-300ER lost two orders, whilst the 777F picked up two orders. One assumes, not by the same operator. One 777F was delivered this month.

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  1. Your math does not add up. By adding up the figures in the table, the numbers should be 1996 total orders and 1577 total deliveries.

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