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Boeing 777 Assembly

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Creating Space to Assemble the Boeing 777

To accommodate the construction of this new airliner, the Boeing Everett plant was doubled in size which cost around US$1.5 billion. The facility contained two assembly lines. New methods such as a turning machine was used to turn the fuselage through 180 degrees, allowing engineers easy access to top sections.

In the construction process for the Boeing 777, Boeing departed from their traditional methods and sought a heavy involvement from overseas manufacturers. The involvement of global contractors has only been exceeded by the later Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing 777 Part Manufacturers

Some the main contractors include:

Company Role
Air Cruisers Escape Slides
Airco Industries, Inc Control Panels
Allen Aircraft Products, Inc Valves, Jet pumps
Argo-Tech Corp Main engine fuel pumps
Aviointeriors S.p.A. Seats
AVOX Systems Crew and passenger oxygen systems
B/E Aerospace Commercial Aircraft Products Group Seating, galley inserts and oxygen systems
B/E Aerospace Flight Structures Group VIP lavatories, closets and sidewalls
BAE SYSTEMS Platform Solutions Flight and engine controls
California Drop Forge, Inc. Landing gear and APU components
Chelton (Electrostatics) Ltd. Dischargers
Chicopee Manufacturing Ltd. Wing and landing gear components
Cytec Carbon Fibers, LLC Carbon Fibre
Gerard Daniel Worldwide Acoustic liners for engine nacelles and thrust reversers
Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik GmbH Cabin lighting
Donaldson Co. Inc. Cabin air filters and avionics filters
Driessen Aircraft Interior Systems Inc. Galleys closets partitions
Eaton Aerospace Pumps, hoses, valves, pneumatic systems and ducting systems.
Frisby Aerospace, Inc Hydraulic components
GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems Inc. Cockpit and cabin windows.
Goodrich Corporation, Aircraft Wheels and Brakes Wheels and brakes
Goodrich Corporation, Landing Gear Landing gear
Goodrich Corporation, Sensor Systems Total temperature sensors, pitot-static probes, angle of attack sensors, gust suppression transducer, waste level systems; video surveillance systems.
Goodyear Aviation Tyre (France)
Goodyear Aviation Tires
Goodyear Aviation Tires (Brasil)
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
HARCO Engine sensors and fly-by-wire assemblies
Hercules Heat Treating Corp. Landing gear
Hexcel Structures Wing trailing edges
Ho-Ho-Kus, Inc Sheet metal parts
Honeywell Electronics & Lighting Interior and exterior lighting
Interface Aviation, Inc. Seats
IPECO Pilot seats
JAMCO Corp. Lavatories; galleys and inserts
Judd Wire Inc Wire and cable
Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., Aerospace Division Flap support fairing; wing tip assembly
Labinal Wiring
McGill Manufacturing, Emerson Power Transmission Corp. Flap & slat system track rollers, door bearings
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. After fuselage panel, tail fuselage, entry doors
Moog Flight controls
Rockwell Collins Moving map and flight info. ADF, AFDS, DME. GLU, HFS, LRA, MAT, TPR, VHF, VOR, WXR
Saab AB Aerostructures
Securaplane Technologies Inc Ground maneuver camera system
Sell Aviation, Britax Sell GmbH & Co. OHG Galley, crew rest compartments, closets, convection/steam ovens, beverage makers, water boilers and ice compartments.
Smiths Aerospace, Electronic Systems Dayton Generators and control units
Smiths Aerospace, Mechanical Systems Thrust reverse actuation systems
Main/nose-gear door actuators, ultrasonic fuel gauging, power systems, remote interface units para-visual display, auto-throttle servo motor, integrated fuel panels
Smiths Aerospace, Mechanical Systems Whippany Rudder trim, speed brake, flap drive, APU door actuator
Spincraft, Inc. Nacelle components, anti-icing systems
Spirit Aerosystems Inc Engine struts; engine nacelles
Teledyne Relays Relays and switches
Thales Avionics Inc Avionics systems
TS Corp. Rudder PCU, elevator PCU, outboard aileron PCU, flapperon PCU, actuator control electronics
Tusas Aerospace Industries Inc Dorsal fin
Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc wing spoilers and inboard flaps along with the nacelle panels, fix leading edge attach straps and nose beams, webs, bulkheads, longerons, edge frames
Whitmore Wire & Cable Corp. Electric wire and cable
Whittaker Controls, Inc. In-flight entertainment system cooling valve and an optional forward cargo air conditioning valve for Boeing 777 200LR

A Boeing 777 in Boeing House colours.

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