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Embraer E Jets 170 / 175 / 190 / 195

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Embraer E Jet Family

The Embraer family of E jets are a low wing single aisle airliner produced by the Embraer company in São José dos Campos, São Paulo State in Brazil.  Embraer was started by the Brazilian government to provide aircraft for the local market and was called Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica (Embraer).  It wasn’t until 1975 that they started selling to international markets leading in with a small turbo propeller aircraft the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante.

Embraer becomes a major player

Since those days, Embraer has established itself as a major player in the global airliner production industry.  Currently they fight the Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier and their CRJ series for third place behind Boeing and Airbus.

Commuter Market

Embraers’ E Jet series of aircraft are aimed at the short haul commuter market as well as the private or business jet market.  There are four variants split into two groups.  The ERJ 170 / ERJ 175 and the ERJ 190 / ERJ 195. ERJ stands for Embraer Regional Jet.  All variants share that same fuselage dimensions as far as height and width are concerned.  The differences between all of them is the fuselage length therefore of course passenger carrying capacity.
The difference between the Embraer 170 and Embraer 190 series is the wing size, fuel capacity and therefore range and the power of the engines.  See our Specs page for more detail.

E Jet fuselage

Embraer E Jet fuselage cross-section. The oval shape allows for passenger standing room and more shoulder and baggage space.

The E Jet cabin is configured as 4 seats per row with two on either side of the single  aisle.

When looking at the fuselage from the front, the profile shape is that of an egg, but with it’s widest part toward the top rather than the middle.

The Embraer E Jet cabin is designed to allow better width at shoulder level and better overhead baggage capacity.

The oval shape allows for adequate headroom for standing passengers in a cabin that is only 4 seats wide.  The widest part of the oval being higher rather than in the middle allows for more comfortable shoulder room as well as more generous overhead baggage space.

Embraer E Jet History

In 1997 Embraer announced they were looking to produce a new range of jetliners in the 70 seat capacity market.  The initial idea was to use features of the ERJ range of aircraft and enhance these for the new design.  The nose and cockpit of the ERJ would be attached to an all new fuselage and wing design.  By February 1999 the idea of incorporating the ERJ components into the new design was abandoned.  The Embraer E Jet series would be a new design altogether. The history timeline below illustrates the development and progress of this very popular range of jet liners.

History Time Line for the Embraer E Jet 170 / 175 / 190 / 195

Date Milestone
1997 Embraer announces that it is studying a new 70 seat jet liner which is called the EMB170
February 1999 Embraer shelve ideas of using part of the ERJ design in their new E Jet series in favour of an all new design.
June 1999 Embraer launch the E Jet program at the Paris Air Show.
July 2000 Production of the prototype E 170 begins.
29 October 2001 The ERJ 170 prototype E 170 001, registration PP-XJE is rolled out for the first time.
19 February 2002 First flight of ERJ 170 prototype E 170 001.
May 2002 First public display of the E 170 at the Regional Airline Association convention.
2002 Full production begins at a new purpose built factory.
19 February 2002 First flight of E 170 prototype E 170 001.
June 2003 The ERJ 175 a stretch of the ERJ 170 makes its first flight.
February 2004 Brazilian, U.S. and European type certification is granted for the E 170.
March 2004 LOT Polish Airlines became the default launch customer as Crossair the intended launch customer was busy taking over Swissair.
Estonian Embraer E170_ARN

An Estonian Embraer E 170 at Stockholm.

History Time Line for the Embraer E Jet 170 / 175 / 190 / 195 (Cont.d)

Date Milestone
12 March 2004 First flight of the ERJ 190, registration PP-XMA.
04 April 2004 U.S. Airways the launch customer for the E 170 puts the aircraft into service.
7 December 2004 First flight of ERJ 195, registration PP XMJ
July 2005 Air Canada, the launch customer for the E 175 puts it into service.
02 May 2006 Plans are announced for an executive jet version of the E 190, to be named ERJ190-100 ECJ with a range extended up to 7780km (4,200nm).
2008 The 400th E Jet was delivered to Republic Airlines.
06 November 2008 The longest flight by an E Jet was performed from Anchorage, Alaska to Buffalo, New York, a distance of 4,989km (2,694nm).  The aircraft was empty and under a charter by Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
07 Janaury 2009 Type certification is received for the ERJ190-100 ECJ executive jet.
September 2009 LOT Polish Airlines receive an E Jet which is the 600th one built.
December 2008 The first two production ERJ190-100 ECJs are delivered to customers.
11 April 2012 Prototype E 170 001 makes its last flight before being broken up for spare parts.
10 October 2012 Kenya Airways receive the 900th E Jet ever produced.
13 September 2013 Republic Airlines receive an E 175 in a special colour scheme celebrating the 1,000th E Jet built.

 For further information on the Embraer E Jet family of aircraft, visit E Jet Specs and Orders.

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