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Boeing 737 Orders and Deliveries

QANTAS Boeing 737 800

For fifty years now Boeing has been taking orders and producing the Boeing 737.  It is used on all sorts of routes in all parts of the world.  Some of the airline customers who pioneered the use of this workhorse have passed into history.

Let’s have a look at who has the Boeing 737 and who still expects to receive theirs.

Below are some figures on firstly the number of Orders and Deliveries for each of the Boeing 737 variants.  As you can see, the order book for the 737 Max is filling very rapidly and looks to be a very successful product for Boeing. We are also noticing that the orders for the 737-800 have reduced which leads us to believe that many 737-800 orders have converted to 737 MAX orders.  All this as we pass 10,000 737s being produced overall.

2020 opened with many questions still outstanding around the 737 MAX. It seems, however, that COVID-19 might prove to be a far more disruptive force. As travel restrictions take hold and airlines reduce their services due to lack of customers and closed borders, will we be seeing mass cancellations of orders? Will we see some of our best-loved airlines go bust, which will have a flow-on effect to airliner manufacturers?

Boeing 737 Orders and Deliveries

Which of the many variants of the Boeing 737 were the best sellers. The table below paints quite a conclusive picture.

Check this map to see which countries were home to the biggest Boeing 737 customers. Hover countries for details or use the tool box to search or draw around a group countries you would like to search data for.

Since the beginning a look at the amount of orders and deliveries of the Boeing 737. The Unfilled are of course orders for aircraft that have not yet been delivered.

Which airlines ordered the Boeing 737, how many and which type. Check the table below.

These are orders that have been placed this calendar year.

April 2020: Interesting times. With Covid-19 playing a major part in the stagnation of the travel industry as well as the on-going woes of the 737-MAX, in March we have seen the order book for the MAX drop by 150 airframes. At the same time, we have seen new orders for the 737-800A by the governments of New Zealand, South Korea and the U.S.A..

January  2020: The cessation of 737 MAX production has now taken effect and will hold for the foreseeable future. Major airline customers have pushed out their 737 MAX schedules until some future date or removed them altogether. F.A.A. certification will be a long road. There are some who believe the MAX may never fly again. Whichever way it goes, this will hurt Boeing. We can only hope that the over 100-year-old company can get it right and regain their position of trust.

Aegean Boeing-737-300 taxis.

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