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Airbus A350 XWB Interior

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A350 Cabin Interior

The focus of the Airbus A350 XWB for the travelling public is the concept of space. With a wider fuselage than other aircraft in its class, the A350 is able to offer a wider seat than the Boeing 787 by 1.3cm (0.5in) in a similar configuration. The distance between outside armrests is 220 inches which is 5 inches greater than the nearest competitor. This allows for a very luxurious space for First and Business class travellers as well as those in economy in a nine-seat abreast configuration.

Airbus A350 XWB Business Class option.

Airbus A350 XWB Business Class cabin option.

The fuselage of the A350 XWB is a constant width between doors 1 to 4, which maximises the usability of space within the cabin allowing the full width of seating to apply to the whole cabin. If you look at the cabin profile head on, it is an ovoid shape, pressed into flatness around the windows area. This adds to the feeling of space with more headroom, and also larger baggage storage space in the overhead lockers.

Airbus A350 economy class cabin facing forward.

Airbus A350 XWB economy cabin facing rearwards.

The feeling of space is further enhanced by the size of the windows which are wider than competitors providing more of a panoramic view, and enabling those passengers not in window seats to also see outside. The new materials and construction methods will enable the cabin to be pressurised to the equivalent pressure found at around 6,000 feet of altitude. Passengers will also arrive more refreshed as an average humidity of 20% can be maintained.

As well as a crew rest area in the ceiling just behind the flight deck for flight crew, there is also one for cabin crew located in the tail which can accommodate six to eight bunks. The area will provide for a space to stand full height to enable easy dressing.

Some example Air A350 cabin configurations.

Airlines can choose from a number of possible cabin configurations depending on the type of service the aircraft will perform.  If it is for shorter domestic routes, then a higher density of seating will be preferred.  Less room for passengers, but over a short flight time this is not so important.  For long-haul flights passengers expect more room and a bit more comfort to endure long periods of inactivity.  Some examples offered for the Airbus A350 XWB are shown below:

Airbus A350 Business Class

Long Haul – Six abreast

Short to medium haul – Seven abreast.

Airbus A350 Economy Class

Premium Economy – Eight abreast.

Economy – Nine abreast.

High Density Economy – Ten abreast.

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    1. Hi Ray,

      the space under the seat in the A350, like any other airliner, fluctuates wildly depending on what the airline customer has opted for. When an airline buys a certain airliner they have many options on how their airliner cabin is fitted out. This includes types of seats as well, as brand, size, and configuration.

      You may find this site handy as relates to airlines in the U.S.. Click here.

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