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Airbus A350 Deliveries and A350 Orders

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Summary of Airbus A350 Deliveries and A350 Orders as of August 2022.

  A350-800 A350-900 A350-1000 Totals
Orders 739 149 888
Deliveries 430 65 495
Operational 430 65 495

For each new aircraft model that is brought to production, a launch airline customer must be found.  This can be a complex arrangement and relationship as the airline wants to produce an aircraft that is as attractive to the general market as possible. The success of this can be seen in the Airbus A350 Deliveries and A350 Orders below.

The launch airline has extensive input into the finished product while at the same time being able to negotiate a favourable price for their order.   The risk, and therefore the reason that the launch carrier can negotiate such a favourable unit price for their order is that there can be delays.  New technology and the Airbus A350 XWB are no different, and so far untried new methods can lead to delays when things don’t go to plan.  A very obvious example of this was the launch of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which ran into all sorts of problems and led to extensive delays.

Qatar Airways was the launch customer for both variants of the A350. The first of course was the A350-900 which was delivered on 22 December 2014. This was followed by the A350-1000 which was delivered on 20 February 2018. This A350-1000 was the first to be fitted with the revolutionary new Qsuite seats, a new innovation in Business Class seat that makes up into a double bed.

A detailed list of Airbus A350 Orders and A350 Deliveries as of August 2022.

(ORD = On Order, DEL=Delivered, OP=In Operation)

A350-800 A350-900 A350-1000
Govt. Exec and Private Jets 5 4 4
Aercap (leasing) 20 20
Aeroflot 16 7 4
Afriqiyah Airways 10
Air Caraibes 3 4 2 3
Air China 30 19 19
Air France 38 18 18
Air Lease Corporation 18 13 8 6
Air Mauritius 4 2 4
Alafco 12 12
A350-800 A350-900 A350-1000
Asiana Airlines 21 13 13 9
Azul 4
BOC Aviation 2 2
British Airways 18 13 13
Cathay Pacific 28 26 28 18 15 15
China Airlines 14 14 14
China Eastern 20 13 13
China Southern 20 13 14
C.I.T. Leasing 7 7
DAE Capital 2 2
Delta Airlines 25 17 26
Emirates 50
Ethiopian Airlines 18 16 18 4
Etihad Airlines 20 5 5
Evelop Airlines 2
Fiji Airways 2
Finnair 19 17 17
French BEE 4 1
Hainan Airlines 7
Hong Kong Airlines 3 3 2
Iberia 20 12 12
A350-800 A350-900 A350-1000
Iran Air 16
ITA Airways 4
Japan Airlines 18 16 16 13
Kuwait Airways 2
Latam Airlines Group 13 13
Libyan Airlines 6
Lufthansa 45 17 21
Malaysia Airlines 6
Philippine Airlines 6 6 2
QANTAS Airways 12
Qatar Airways 34 34 34 19 19 19
Scandinavian Airlines 8 6 6
Sichuan Airlines 10 1 4
Singapore Airlines 65 61 61
Sri Lankan Airlines 4
Starlux 17
Thai International 4 4 12
Turkish Airlines 26 11 11
United Airlines 45
Vietnam Airlines (Aercap) 10 10 14
Virgin Atlantic 8 5 9
World2fly 2
Yemenia Yemen Airways 10
Undisclosed 13 9
Totals 739 430 430 149 65 65
A350-800 A350-900 A350-1000
Month/Year Order/Deliver Activity
November / 21 Variations with last month.
Airbus A350-900 748 reduced by 1 to 747
Airbus A350-1000 165 increased by 1 to 166
Airbus A350-900 deliveries increased from 387 to 389.
Airbus A350-1000 deliveries static since last month at 56.
In fleet
Airbus A350-900 2 more joined airline fleets from 387 to 389.
Airbus A350-1000 no more joined airline fleets this month, steady at 56.
Government and Private Jets moved from 3 in fleet to 5.
Air Mauritius changed from 2 in fleet to 4. Their full order.
Asiana’s A350-1000 order increased from 8 to 9.
China Eastern added another A350-900 to in fleet from 10 to 11.
Delta now have one more A350-900 in fleet from 23 to 24.
Japan Airlines also added another A350-900 to in fleet from 12 to 13.
Undisclosed A350-900 operational in fleet dropped from 10 to 7.

In short, it is a calculated risk.  With a good outcome, however, there is prestige and exposure to be gained.  See below for details of the first deliveries for each variant.

8On 22 December 2014 Qatar Airways took delivery of the world’s first A350XWB. After a handover ceremony in Toulouse, France the first production Airbus A350 XWB departed on its ferry flight to Doha in the company of Qatar’s fourth Airbus A380. Qatar is now the only airline in the world to fly every aircraft family produced by Airbus. The Qatar A350 commenced commercial services in January 2015 on the Doha to Frankfurt route.

If there is more you want to learn about this airliner, please visit A350 XWB Home, A350 XWB Interior, A350 XWB Assembly, A350 XWB Order Book and A350 XWB History.

If you have flown on an Airbus A350 service, we would love to hear from you about your thoughts and experience.  Furthermore, if you managed to take any Airbus A350 pictures and you want to share them, feel free to add them to our photo album by clicking here.

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    1. As with many airliners, there are usually different variant options available. This makes the model more attractive to airlines who have different requirements. Some want smaller variants so they can run more frequent services using smaller aircraft, others need to move more people at a single time, so they opt for a larger variant. What I’m getting at is it depends which variants you are comparing.
      Check and compare the two by looking at our specs page for each.

      Cheers Peter

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