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Sydney Welcomes American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER

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Boeing 777 300ER Publicity Flight Prior to the American Airlines Sydney Service.

It might have been Friday the 13th, but Sydney turned on a stunning morning for the publicity visit of the American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER twin jet. This Boeing 777 had flown overnight from Hong Kong after completing a Dallas to Hong Kong service and added in a side trip to Sydney to promote the new direct American Airlines service between Los Angeles and Sydney. After an absence of 2 decades American Airlines returns to these shores working in concert with Australian carrier, QANTAS.

The aircraft was flown empty from Hong Kong to Sydney with just two pilots on board. With an arrival around 08:30am into Sydney and a departure around 10:00pm that evening, the pilots used their thirteen and a half hours in Sydney to sleep, before flying the return sector to Hong Kong.  

American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER Sydney Fly Over

Air traffic was at acceptable levels and Sydney tower approved a low level pass over the air field by the giant Boeing 777 300ER twin jet. Descending to 1,800 feet she came in from the south and did a slow fly over the field along the runway 34 left centre line. She then continued on and did an west to east pass over Sydney Harbour before returning back over the sea to land on runway 34 left. 

Brand New Boeing 777

This American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER registration N734AR is under a month old with its first

Front view of the General Electric GE GE90-115B engine which is currently the largest turbo fan jet engine in the world.

flight having been on 15 October 2015. It was delivered to American Airlines in Dallas / Fort Worth on 26 October 2015. Powered by 2 giant General Electric GE GE90-115B engines which are currently the largest turbo fan jet engines in the world, the Boeing 777 has a very impressive presence. The engines themselves are rated to produce 115,300 lbs of thrust or 510 kilo Newtons. 

Walking around underneath the 777, one gets some perspective of the actual size of this aircraft. I was fortunate enough to be able to have an up close and personal look, whilst she was housed in hanger 96 at Sydney airport for publicity visits by the press, as well as representatives from the travel industry. If the size didn’t impress, the newness certainly did.

Rear view of the General Electric GE GE90-115B engine which is currently the largest turbo fan jet engine in the world.

Shiny new painted tail of American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER, Registration N734AR.

Under the Boeing 777 tail looking forward.

Less than a month old and this American Airlines 777 was as shiny as a new pin.

Huge engine in take on the largest turbojet engine in the world powers this American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER

This newness was even more evident when entering the cabin from the rear door. That feeling of getting into a new car. 

On Board the American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER

There are basically 4 classes in the American Airlines 777 300ER. Main Cabin, Main Cabin Extra,

American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER Main Cabin. Seats are in 3x3x3 configuration.

Business Class and First Class. In the Main Cabin the configuration is 9 seats across the cabin width in a 3 x 3 x 3 setup. In Main Cabin Extra there is an additional 6 inches of legroom in the same seating style. Both Business and First Class are set up in a herring bone alcove configuration which gives each seat the feeling of privacy. All classes can enjoy 250 movies, 130 TV shows, 18 radio channels and 380 music albums. Each seat also has AC outlets as well as USB connections, so you will be able to have your devices fully powered during flight and charged up for arrival. For an additional cost, WiFi is also available. The dome on top of the aircraft fuselage is the receiver for satellite internet which drives the WiFi connection.

Boeing Sky Interior

The cabin itself is presented in Boeings’ new sky format, with contoured ceilings and LED lighting. This interior gives a feeling of space and coupled with the fully controllable LED lighting

Boeing Sky Interior LED lights change the look and feel of the cabin with dimming and colour changes.

Boeing Sky Interior soothing colours.

has a calming and relaxing effect. Whilst walking through, each cabin had slightly different colours being emitted by the lighting which was quite effective. The feeling of space created by the contoured ceilings and luggage bins, was not done at the expense of the storage space. I found the overhead luggage bins to be quite generous in size and well able to accommodate the wheelie bags that have become the the favourite of todays’ traveller.

The average flying time between Sydney and Los Angeles is around fifteen and half hours which can vary due to winds aloft.  The new 777 300ER certainly looked like it would make for comfortable ride with plenty of entertainment to pass the long journey. 

One thing I did notice and if I was travelling as a couple I would try and get these seats.  There are two together next to the window instead of the usual 3 if you go to row 30, seats A and C. I believe the opposite side would be the same and would be row 30, seats H and J. They seemed to be able recline even though the bulkhead is behind them. If anyone tries these, be sure to leave us a message below and give your thoughts and experiences.

Seats 30 A and C look good if you are travelling as a couple. Two across instead of three.



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2 thoughts on “Sydney Welcomes American Airlines Boeing 777 300ER”

  1. Just an amazing machine. It would be a pleasure to fly in this machine. I enjoyed this presentation and hope some day I will have an opportunity to fly with it.

    1. Hi Marty,

      I have been lucky enough to fly on the 777 300ER belonging to Emirates on four legs between Sydney and Europe. It was a great experience, made all the better by being in Business Class. The 777 is certainly cutting edge and will be a mainstay of Boeings’ offering well into the 2020s.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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