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Boeing 747 Deliveries

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The Boeing 747 classic series which encompasses the Boeing 747 100, 747 200, 747 300, 747 400 and 747-SP, was produced over a period of 37 years.  Below we look at the launch customers of each of these variants as well as some other facts and figures.

The first 747 delivered, the 747 100, was delivered on 15 January 1970. Najeeb Halaby, Chairman on Pan Am the launch customer, was on hand as first lady Pat Nixon christened her, Clipper Victor.
The first commercial service was from New York to London on 22 January 1970.
Both Pam Am and Iran Air requested Boeing to design a longer range version of the 747 to accommodate the US Middle east routes. Pan Am was the launch customer with it’s first scheduled 747 SP service in 1976. Only 45 of the type were produced instead of the expected 200.
More powerful engines enabled the 747 200 to be used on international routes that were marginal for the 747 100. The type started service with Lufthansa in February 1971.
The Boeing 747 300 first flew on 05 October 1982 and was delivered to launch customer, Swissair, on 23 March 1983. The most visible difference between the 300 and previous variants was the stretched upper deck.
Northwest Airlines_Boeing_747-400
The Boeing 747 400 went into service with launch customer, Northwest Airlines, in February 1989 on their Minneapolis to Phoenix route. The type is identifiable by its 1.8 metre (6ft) winglets mounted on the wingtips which were also 1.8 metres (6ft) longer than previous versions. This allowed for greater fuel efficiency which increased the aircrafts’ service range.

The following Data Race chart tracks the deliveries of each of the 747 types over time.

Each of the Boeing 747 variants had very different levels of popularity.  As you can see from the figures below, the Boeing 747 400 was by far the most prolific seller.  This is logical as it was the culmination of years of research and experience.  With each new model, new technology was added in response to experience gained with previous models.

The Boeing 747 8 is addressed on its own page.

Boeing 747 Orders and Deliveries Table.

Model Series Orders Deliveries Unfilled
Boeing 747 100 167 167
Boeing 747 100B 9 9
Boeing 747 100SR 29 29
Boeing 747 200B 225 225
Boeing 747 200C 13 13
Boeing 747 200F 73 73
Boeing 747 200M 78 78
Boeing 747 300 56 56
Boeing 747 300M 21 21
Boeing 747 300SR 4 4
Boeing 747 400 442 442
Boeing 747-400D 19 19
Boeing 747 400ER 6 6
Boeing 747 400ERF 40 40
Boeing 747 400F 126 126
Boeing 747 400M 61 61
Boeing 747 E4A 3 3
Boeing 747 E4B 1 1
Boeing 747 SP 45 45
Totals 1418 1418
An IranAir Boeing 747 SP. IranAir and Pan Am both pushed Boeing to create the SP which had a longer range than the Boeing 747 100. Of the expected 200 to be produced only 45 were built. It was seen as a sports car version with a shorter fuselage thus reduced weight. It was used by airlines with long route sectors such as Iran Air, South African Airways and QANTAS.

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