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Boeing 737 Interior. Inside this highly popular City Jet.

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Boeing 737 Cabin

The Boeing 737 is configured in a six abreast seating arrangement, with three either side of the aisle.

In its inception, the Boeing 737 was competing with many airliners which had five abreast seating configurations with two on one side and three on the other of the aisle. This made it feel more like the intercontinental airliners of the day, the Douglas DC8 and the Boeing 707.

Boeing 737 standard interior

A Boeing 737 standard interior.

Boeing 737 Virgin Australia interior

The interior of a Virgin Australia Boeing 737 800.

The cabin can be accessed by four doors. One each side immediately behind the cockpit, and one either side at the very rear of the cabin. Two overwing emergency exits on each side of the cabin consist of removable hatches slightly larger than the windows they encompass which can be removed and thrown out of the cabin.

Food preparation areas exist at the front and rear of the cabin along with lavatories.

Depending on the airline and the routes for which the aircraft has been intended, the interior can be spartan with no in-flight entertainment system for short shuttle type routes.

In response to customer surveys, Boeing has come up with the most dramatic improvement to the cabin of a single-aisle airliner.


A Delta Airlines Boeing 737 800 cabin interior.


Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 sky interior.

The Sky interior comprises design improvements that give a much greater impression of space than the standard offering.  New larger stowage bins allow for more carry on baggage whilst at the same time being less obtrusive as they sweep up to the ceiling. Not only are the luggage bins less obtrusive but they are actually larger inside than the previous versions.  Space Bins as Boeing calls them, which are manufactured by Boeing and not an outside manufacturer, are capable of stowing a carry on wheelie bag “end on”.  This means that instead of the four bag limit offered by the old style bins, the new Space Bins can store six such bags.

Lighting is now provided by LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights which are brighter but can also vary in brightness to change the cabin mood from white to soft sunset colours. These lights have a life of around 40,000 hours instead of the 4,000 offered by traditional bulbs. The side walls have also be changed to give the impression of space, along with improvements to the layout and location of the PSU (Passenger Service Unit) for air, sound and cabin attendant call buttons.

Boeing 737 Sky Interior Cutaway

Boeing 737 Sky Interior cutaway.

Fly Dubai 737-800 Sky Interiors

A Fly Dubai 737 800 with a Sky Interior.

Fly Dubai was the launch customer for the Sky Interior and is one of 45 airlines who have ordered some 1,180 aircraft with these interiors which account for around half of Boeings unfulfilled 737 orders. Other airlines which have opted for the Sky Interior are: Malaysia Airlines, Jetairfly, Continental Airlines, and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

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  2. do you happen to have any interior images of the 737-230C?
    if not, is the ‘standard’ above the closest it gets or have there been any noteworthy interior changes in the -230C variant?

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