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Airbus A350 XWB Assembly

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Airbus A350 Assembly

The A350 assembly process is the result of significant investment by Airbus in new plant as well as new forged relationships with outside suppliers.

New concepts in aero technology bring with them new challenges in manufacturing and also opportunities to review current concepts. The Airbus A350 XWB has benefited from new ways of improving processes which reduce production time and therefore expenses.

Airbus A350 assembly 3

An Airbus A350 forward fuselage section in the assembly line.

Airbus Industrie has invested significant capital in the creation of ten new factories in Europe and in the US for the A350 assembly. In addition, extensions have been carried out on three other sites.

As well as significant investment, international collaboration has been sought with many big name suppliers, and also national bodies to bring together the Airbus A350 XWB. Some of these are:

A350 Parts Manufacturers

Wings: These will be constructed in a newly constructed building in Broughton, Wales where some EUR745 was spent on construction. The National Assembly for Wales provided UKL28 toward the facility where the new generation composite wings would be constructed.

Rudder: At a newly constructed plant in China, Airbus intends to apply new methods which will cut the production time in half.

Fuselage: a little closer to home, the fuselage barrel and wing boxes will be constructed in Illescas, Spain. The first fuselage barrel was to start construction in late 2010.

Airbus A350 assembly 4

Airbus A350 fuselage sections near time to marry together.

Avionics: As with many Airbus models, Thales will be providing the avionics.

Engines: Rolls Royce will be providing the Trent XWB engines for all three A350 variants.

Thrust Reversers and Engine Nacelles: These will be provided by Goodrich Corporation, USA.

Airbus A350 assembly 8

Airbus A350 parts such as fuselages and wings are transported between factories by Super Beluga, which is a converted Airbus A300-600 aircraft.

APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) Honeywell.

Fuel Systems: Parker Hannifin.

Main undercarriage: Messier-Dowty, France.

Nose gear: Liebherr-Aerospace.

Horizontal Stabiliser Actuator: Rockwell Collins, USA.

Primary Flight Control Actuators: Moog Inc.

Cabin Ergonomics and Interior Concept: BMW

In-flight Communications and Entertainment: Panasonic Avionics Corporation.


Airbus A350 XWB MSN001 rolls out of the factory destined for the paint shop.

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